We have been in the Laminate Countertop and Cabinets business for many years and know how difficult it is to find quality workmanship. Devoted workers, excellent service, affordable prices and guaranteed customer satisfaction are the sources of Countertop City. We give our best effort in building your countertops and cabinets to make sure you get the greatest degree of perfection. You can rest assured your Countertops and Cabinets will be in good hands. Countertop City in Chicago has the most WilsonArt and Formica laminate colors to choose for your kitchen and bath Countertops and Cabinets. Thank you for choosing Countertop City.

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Laminate is a material that is constructed by uniting two or more layers of material together. The process of creating a laminate is lamination, which is common parlance refers to the placing of something between layers of plastic and sealing them with heat and/or pressure, usually with an adhesive.

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All products are fabricated in-house at Countertop City using state-of-the-art technology, equipment and our team of experienced employees.
Countertop City is a certified installer of all laminate products fabricated for residential and commercial projects.
Customers may place an order and pick up at our facility. This is ideal for the handyman, contractor and homeowner.
Countertop City can also provide delivery of product.
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